Hempseed Oil Soap

Before the 1920s, hemp was in fairly wide use, including hempseed oil. The use of hempseed oil experienced a resurgence in the 21st century because of the various hemp oil benefits.

We use a cold-pressed hempseed oil with a dark green, brownish color in our soap. This gives our Hempseed Oil Soap an invigorating spring green color.  As always, our soaps obtain their coloring through the natural ingredients used in handcrafting the soaps – not from any added colors!

The properties of the Hempseed Oil used in our soap combined with 100% natural ingredients means a gentle, non-drying soap for your skin.

About Hemp Seed Oil

Hempseed oil is from the seed of the hemp plant. It is a moisturizing and penetrating oil that can be used directly on the skin and is a valuable addition to skin care products and soaps.

For the most part, hemp is grown without pesticides because it is a much hardier plant which makes it less vulnerable to insects, pests, drought, mildew, and other poor growing conditions. Therefore, it is easier to grow organically without pesticides and other chemicals. In this regard, hemp is good for the environment and our bodies.

Hempseed Oil is one of the world’s most richest sources of polyunsaturated fats, including both of the essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & Omega 6) and GLA, making it an unequaled natural emollient and moisturizer.

Hempseed Oil helps heal: sunburn, scrapes, acne, burns, wrinkles, aging, drying or chapped skin, stretch marks and damaged skin!

Clinical studies have shown that dry skin defects such as scaling or cracking can be reversed by skin care products containing Omega 6 Fatty Acids.

With regular use, Hempseed Oil body care products can help slow down the effects of skin aging, reduce skin discomfort by soothing and restoring dry or damaged skin, and leave the skin smooth and moisturized.

Hempseed Oil is the richest source of EFA’s and Vitamin E in the entire plant kingdom.  These healing enzymes and vitamins can be absorbed directly into the skin to replenish the missing oils, instead of sitting on top, as do saturated oils.

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