Two Little Blackbirds’ Beauty & Bath Oil

We are excited to announce our new Beauty & Bath Oil.  Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E and Carrot Seed Oil, it’s full of wonderful things for your skin and hair.

This all purpose Beauty & Bath Oil can be used in the bath, directly on your skin, as a makeup remover, around the eyes to moisturize the sensitive eye area, as a shaving pre-treatment, and can be used as a conditioner for your hair.

Many may find it hard to understand cleaning your face with an oil, especially if you have oily skin. But oil does not cause oily skin or acne. That culprit is usually a combination of hormones, trapped bacteria, and dirt.

Here’s a direct quote from

Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” The best way to desolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition: other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the Oil Cleaning Method can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne–while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized.”

Good-quality oil is the perfect substance for cleaning sensitive skin, such as on our face, because it helps gently remove the dirty oil and replaces it with good, nourishing, healing oil.  Our Beauty & Bath Oil contains several of these oils.

About Olive Oil

Among the natural antioxidants to be found in olive oil, there are A and E vitamins, as well as some polyphenols, well known for their ability to postpone aging. By taking out free radicals, freed in the body, these special agents are guaranteed to prolong your life, as they contribute to cell repair. The same thing is valid when you apply olive oil on your skin. As you may well know, our skin is many times exposed to pollution and other factors that cause it to grow older. By caring for skin with olive oil, you will limit the actions of these factors, and enjoy a beautiful skin for a long time.

Olive oil also contains a natural moisturizer, called squalene. Sebum is what makes our skin too greasy, but squalene has the incredible ability of regulating its secretion. This means that, when used on your skin, the sebum will be reduced, and you will experience less skin problems than before.

Another nutrient that exists in olive oil is chlorophyll. This helps a great deal in healing wounds and other scars. Acne blemishes will be nothing but a bad dream, after you apply plenty of olive oil on your skin.

About Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil is know for it’s high vitamin E content and skin softening properties. It’s ability to  penetrate the skin without leaving an oily feel helps to make it a popular as massage oil.

Rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid, apricot kernel oil is high in vitamin A. Since it easily penetrates the skin, it is good oil for prematurely aged, dry or irritated skin. The excellent softening and moisturizing properties is great for face, hands and hair. Vitamins A & C are good for mature dry or sensitive skin. The apricot kernel oil helps skin retain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness.

In addition, Apricot Kernel Oil is used as an antitussive, anti-asthmatic and to treat tumors in traditional Chinese medicine. It helps to calm the inflammation / irritation of eczema and dermatitis. When combined with an equal amount of St. John’s Wort Oil, it is acts as anti-inflammatory and has a cooling effect.

About Vitamin E

Vitamin e added to lotions, creams, and other skin care products, as well as taken orally, plays a role in the anti-aging of skin. It helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, free radicals are believed to play an important role in skin aging and therefore the antioxidant activity is quite valuable for this skin problem.

There are a variety of other benefits of vitamin e for skin care:

  • vitamin e products help reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • vitamin e can help prevent the appearance of age spots
  • it helps maintain the skin’s oil balance during the cleansing process
  • it reduces transepidermal water loss from skin and strengthens the skin’s barrier function

About Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is often used to rejuvenate dry and mature skin as well as balance oily and dry complexions. And while it can be used on its own, it can be mixed with other skin care products too. Carrot seed oil contains beta carotene and vitamin A. So, in addition to helping skin maintain its elasticity, it helps protect skin from harmful UV rays, says Also, carrot seed essential oil helps firm skin and may act as an anti-aging remedy.

  • Anti Oxidant: This Carrot Seed essential oil can help you retain your youth and look refreshingly young with anti oxidants that repair all the damages done to your tissues by the oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm.
  • Anti Septic, Anti Viral & Disinfectant: Externally applied, Carrot Seed Oil can cure infections on skin and in wounds and even protect from new infections.
  • Detoxifier: Carrot Seed Oil has ability to detoxify the blood, tissues, muscles and internal organs like liver and kidneys.
  • Carcinogenic: Recent studies have shown the Carrot Seed oil is beneficial in curing some forms of cancer too, especially those of mouth, throat, stomach, prostrate, kidneys etc. These anti carcinogenic properties can be attributed partly to its anti oxidant properties, and partly to the other medicinal properties of its components.
  • Cytophylactic: It stimulates the growth of new cells and tissues.
  • Tonic: One which tones is a tonic, and so is Carrot Seed Oil. It tones up tissues and muscles and increases their efficiencies; it tones and firms the skin.

Need even more reason to choose Two Little Blackbirds’ Beauty & Bath Oil?  Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Rich in Anti-Oxidants
  • Full of Anti-Aging Properties
  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free
  • No Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Hypoallergenic & Eco-Friendly
  • No Colorants
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Pure and Natural for all your family
  • Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gentle, Hypoallergenic, Pure and Natural
  • Natural Anti-Aging Properties
  • Natural Antioxidants
  • Free of SLS / SLES Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Free of Colorants
  • No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Fats
  • Natural green color from Chlorophyll
  • Eco-Friendly




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