Two Little Blackbirds sells handmade soap and bath luxuries that are 100% natural and free of parabens, SLS and petro-chemicals.  No added color or artificial fragrances.

About Our Soaps

We never add any additional fragrance or color to our soaps – the scent and colors come naturally from the soap’s ingredients.  And we think that’s just how it should be!  Gentle, wholesome cleansing with out all the chemicals and additives found in commercially produced soap.  Read what the FDA says about the “soap” you buy. Hint:  It’s not even soap!

We don’t buy pre-made soap bases and just add some fragrance or other additives!  We handcraft all our soaps in our own soap kitchen from the finest ingredients available.  Each step of the process is monitored and performed, not by big computerized machines, but by us personally because we take an interest in each bar that we handcraft.

And speaking of ingredients…We only select the finest premium ingredients from reputable suppliers and we buy organic whenever possible.   We want our soap to provide the gentlest, most luxurious bathing experience possible.

All of our soaps are vegan – no animal products or testing.

If you want a soap that gives you gentle cleaning and the peace of mind that your are not coating your body in chemicals, then give Two Little Blackbirds soap a try!

About Our Bath Luxuries

We source the ingredients for our Bath Luxuries from source that provide all natural ingredients.  Our Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mud is imported from the Dead Sea in Israel, our Shea Butter from Fair Trade resources in Africa and our oils from natural oil wholesalers.  Everything that touches your body is 100% natural no artificial chemicals or additives.

About Our Soy Candles

We sell two varieties of soy candles – aromatherapy and scented soy candles.  You make think these are the same thing, but aromatherapy candles are crafted with 100% natural products and essential (not fragrance) oils, while our scented candles are made with fragrance oils to provide a wide variety of scents that are not found in essential oils.  While our scented candles smell wonderful, they do not provide the aromatherapy benefits that our aromatherapy candles do.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing your candles and we will plainly notate which candles provide aromatherapy benefits.

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