Peppermint Foot Balm
A tingly, whipped shea butter based balm for refreshing tired feet and legs. This pure and natural peppermint foot balm is made from scratch, smells delightful and really helps keep your feet and heels looking great.

Shea Butter Balm
Our Shea Butter Balm begins with finest unrefined Organic African Shea butter.  Then we add aloe butter, beeswax and vitamin E then infused with Lavender Essential Oil.   The mixture is whipped into a thick balm that melts into your skin.  It's heaven in a jar!


Two Little Blackbirds
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No synthetic chemicals or foaming agents
No preservatives
No artificial color
No added artificial fragrance

All Two Little Blackbirds cold process soap is allowed to cure for a minimum of one month, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting bar. And all soap is also pH tested and superfatted to ensure a mild, skin-safe bar. This is a handcrafted soap that is also handcut (no machines involved), so there will be variations in size, shape, and coloring from the photo above.

Our soap and salts are a natural alternative to commercial products which can often contain chemicals that irritate the skin. All severe skin problems should be taken to a physician. Results may vary from person to person. We do not claim that our products will cure skin problems.

Our candles are 100% soy wax with all natural cotton wicks. Only essential oils are used in the aromatherapy candles and scented candles contain fragrance oils.