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Aloe Vera Soap
A natural, moisturizing soap made with Aloe Vera Liquid AND Aloe Vera Butter is the best type of soap there is, bar none. It's superior skin healing qualities makes this soap exceptionally soothing and moisturizing. Perfect for when you have enjoyed the summer sun just a little too much!
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Amish Harvest8oz Handpoured Scented Soy Candle
A warm comforting fragrance that is slightly spicy with delicious dried fruit notes. This blend makes the perfect house warming scent.  FREE SHIPPING.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap
Our Bamboo Charcoal Soap uses special, activated charcoal that is legendary for its ability to detoxify, cleanse, absorb gases, heavy metals and chemicals, deodorize, and many other beneficial properties.

Bamboo Grove8oz Handpoured Scented Soy Candle
Bamboo Grove is a complex blend of green stems and leaves balanced with forest fern and hints of ozone for the dew kissed signature of the scent.  FREE SHIPPING.

Beauty & Bath Oil
Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E and Carrot Seed Oil, it's full of wonderful things for your skin and hair. It can be used in the bath, directly on your skin, as a makeup remover, around the eyes to moisturize the sensitive eye area, as a shaving pre-treatment, and can be used as a conditioner for your hair.

Black Cinnamon8oz Handpoured Scented Soy Candle
Surround the senses with this blend of exotic spices and rich earth tones. A complex blend of the warmth of Sychelles cinnamon, sensual patchouli, velvet sandalwood and vanilla musk. FREE SHIPPING.

Body Mist - Equilibrage
Balancing body mist with Bergamot and Clary Sage Essential Oils.  A sense sensation to help relieve PMS - but you'll want to use it everyday!

Body Mist - Lemongrass & Sage
Relax your senses with our Lemongrass and Sage Body Mist enriched with Vitamin E and Glycerine to keep your skin soft.

Body Mist - May Chang & Birch
Calming and mood elevating body mist with May Chang (Litsea) and birch Essential Oils.  A perfect stress reliver with an inviting green fragrance.

Body Mist - Peppermint & Lemon
Cooling and skin loving Body Mist with Peppermint and Lemon Esential Oil to energize your morning!  Enriched with Vitamin E and Glycerine to keep your skin soft.

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Two Little Blackbirds
5553 Salt Cedar Road • Fountain, CO 80817

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No synthetic chemicals or foaming agents
No preservatives
No artificial color
No added artificial fragrance

All Two Little Blackbirds cold process soap is allowed to cure for a minimum of one month, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting bar. And all soap is also pH tested and superfatted to ensure a mild, skin-safe bar. This is a handcrafted soap that is also handcut (no machines involved), so there will be variations in size, shape, and coloring from the photo above.

Our soap and salts are a natural alternative to commercial products which can often contain chemicals that irritate the skin. All severe skin problems should be taken to a physician. Results may vary from person to person. We do not claim that our products will cure skin problems.

Our candles are 100% soy wax with all natural cotton wicks. Only essential oils are used in the aromatherapy candles and scented candles contain fragrance oils.